Saturday, January 09, 2010

No Money Mondays. Has my Frugal Living Friend Gone Mad?

No money Mondays. When my frugal living friend first mentioned this I thought that she had gone mad. How do you go a full day without  spending anything? To me, it looked like she had gone sailing over the cliffs of insanity and wasn't coming back. Her concept made sense. It just took me awhile to get my mind around it.

The concept is simple. Make one day a week a "No Money Monday." If your mortgage or light bill is due pay it. If  you are used to eating lunch out brown bag it. Did you know that gas stations make more money on the extra items that you buy than they do on the gas itself? It's the extra coffee, soda or bag of chips that drain your bank account and fatten theirs. Don't stop there on your no money Monday.

The idea behind No Money Monday isn't to protest high prices or to make a stand on anything else. It's not an attempt to toss an "in your face" to "the establishment". Rather, it's a means to learning to live within your means.

Frugal living isn't for cowards. I tried a No Money Monday. It's hard to say no to eating out, buying from the vending machine or to picking something up at the store or gas station. The first time I tried it I thought I was follow my friend over the cliff. Then, I tried it again. You know what? Saying no became easier. Having a little extra cash right before payday felt good.

Then I found out others were rolling back their savings one day a week. No Money Monday might catch on. If it doesn't, we'll all be certifiable according to the rest of the world. One thing about it though. We'll have less problems getting to payday. That's a problem I can definitely live with!

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