Thursday, January 14, 2010

Red Lobster Oak Ridge Visit 2

We recently paid another visit to the Red Lobster in Oak Ridge. Hubby and I were in the mood to celebrate a potential job offer. Because of the great service we got on our last visit we thought this would be the perfect place to celebrate. Joseph waiting on us last time but was not there on this visit. We went with the waiter serving the area where we were seated. Our anticipation was a good meal with good service. In the service the Red Lobster in Oak Ridge missed the mark.

The food was excellent. Hubby and I both ordered the Sailor's platter. This came with 2 nice pieces of broiled Tilapia, 3 friend shrimp and a serving of shrimp scampi. Let us not forget those terrific cheese biscuits and crisp salads.

At issue was the slow service. The waiter brought the salads and 2 cheese biscuits out promptly. Then he left before we could ask for anything else. Our food was delivered promptly (by a runner) but our tea refills were not. That didn't happen until almost the end of the meal.

At the end of the meal I asked for a takeout cup for the iced tea. Normally, servers will bring a styrofoam or paper cup filled with ice and tea. Not so this time. Not only did the server act like this was an inconvenience but he brought me a child's cup and lid.

He brought us the ticket with no problem. In a few minutes he came back with a tray in hand and stood there until we got ready to leave. That was annoying since the restaurant was only about 1/4 full.

Let's just say that the Red Lobster in Oak Ridge, Tennessee didn't provide the dining experience that they are known to have.

More reviews and address are found on Yahoo Local.

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