Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sweat's Wrecker Service LaFollette, Tennessee

Sweat's Wrecker Service in LaFollette, Tennessee came to my daughter's rescue. Her pick up truck wouldn't start. We first thought it was because of the cold weather. Later, we found out that wasn't the problem at all. She called AAA. They were great. The affiliated wrecker service happened to be Sweat's Wrecker Service in LaFollette.

Initially, we were told it would be an hour before the tow truck arrived. My daughter was home so that wasn't a problem. About 5 minutes later the wrecker service phoned to double check the location and clarify directions. About 20 minutes later they arrived.

The driver was professional and friendly. He explained everything to my nervous daughter. (It's her first truck and first wrecker experience.) We were impressed by the extra time he took.

My husband and I followed the driver to the repair shop. The driver knew where it was and how to get there with no problem. We couldn't help but notice the driver very much obeyed the speed limit. That was ok by us too.

Paperwork was expediently taken care of at the shop. Since AAA handled the tow all my daughter had to do with sign a form and show her card. Everything was streamlined, professional and easy. It's nice to have someone to rely on. We felt we could rely on AAA and this wrecker service to get the towing done right.

The contact information for Sweat's Wrecker Service is as follow
Sweat's Wrecker Service
1618 Jacksboro Pike,
LaFollette, Tennessee

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