Friday, January 22, 2010

What is a Main Street Community

You may have wondered about signs that read "Main Street Community". These signs dot many small towns and communities. You may have seen some of them as you traveled or went about your daily activities.

Basically, a Main Street Community or town is a locally driven movement that is committed to rejuvenating a specific area (usually downtown). The idea behind this designation is to bring back Main Street and to increase the area's commercial activities.

Main Street communities offer a touch of nostalgic Americana while investing in the future. Jobs are created through renovations, retail shops, markets, tourism and other other enterprise. The result is increased interest and an enhanced sense of community pride.

When you visit a designated community you'll notice a difference immediately. People are often friendly. Buildings have a unique charm and character all their own. The pace is more relaxed. Visiting may well be worth your time.

Learn more about Main Street towns and communities:

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