Tuesday, February 23, 2010

How to Have a Cheap Getaway for Under $250

How to have a cheap getaway for under $250. It can be done. The trick is to do some thinking and planning. Getting away for a short vacation can be more important than ever. We all need time to recharge and unwind. Even a day or two can be enough to help you do just that.

Think local for a cheap getaway. 
Consider staying in your town or nearby. Is there someplace local that you've always wanted to go? Have you been thinking of exploring a nearby community or town? Now is your chance. Staying close saves a ton of money on gasoline.

Look for free attractions like parks.
Parks are wonderful free attractions. Search the internet if you aren't sure what's in your area.

Cheap accommodations.
You can find rooms at the EconoLodge or Motel 6 for $40 or so a night. Other budget brands may offer similar rates. Contact the chains where you want to stay to find out about the cost.

Consider camping.
This can be a fun activity that the whole family can enjoy. Electricity and water hook-ups are often available.

Picnic. Don't eat out.
Parks often offer grills for cooking out. Even if they don't you can always pack sandwiches. It's more convenient too. There's no need to stop the fun of visiting a park just to get something to eat.

Check back tomorrow for a sample itinerary and prices. You really can take a vacation this year!

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