Saturday, March 27, 2010

Airshow Schedule Arranged by State:

Airshow Schedule Arranged by State:

Some of the families in Knoxville who want to vacation this summer may want to explore airshow possibilities. An airshow is just what the name promises. They can feature small planes or large military aircraft. Both types of airshows are sights to behold. The thunder in the air is the sound of freedom. The brave men and women who pilot the military airplanes do so with conviction and honor. Even the smaller airplanes are often flown by military veterans who have proudly served in the armed forces. Attending an airshow can be a positive experience for the entire family.

This year, there won't be an airshow in Tennessee (not that we can find on the schedule anyway). However, there are airshows in Kentucky, Virginia and in some of the surrounding states. If you are looking for an unusual type of vacation this may be it. The link above has a schedule of airshows. One of them might just be the vacation activity your family is looking for this summer.

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