Friday, March 12, 2010

How About Luggage for a Graduation or Wedding Gift

How about luggage for a graduation or wedding gift? That's what I'm considering. One of my daughters is graduating from college and the other daughter is talking about getting married. I need gifts for both occasions and I like giving something practical but fun. This day and age that's harder to do than it should be.

Finally it hit me that luggage may be a possibility. Quality luggage seems to almost a thing of the past. Deciding which brand to look for is proving to be a real challenge. So far, a few brands have caught my eye. The following website has tons of great information. The details and features are easily explained and there are good photos.

Using this website I have found that the Hartmann Luggage has a 20” expandable piece that looks nice in the photos. It has a telescoping handle and it’s on wheels – a big plus! Another contender is a carryon bag from Tumi Luggage. Since airlines are charging for checked bags this might be something that will be used frequently. Delsey Luggage also has a few pieces that are intriguing.

If you can make suggestions please let me know. My daughter has not set a date yet and graduation isn't until May. Fortunately, there is still time.

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