Thursday, March 11, 2010

Is this the last year for the PT Cruiser?

This will be a sad year for the PT Cruiser. The last one is scheduled to roll off the assembly line in 2010. It will be the end of an era. I was hoping for a last minute save but that didn't happen.

Update November 17, 2012
Because everyone knows how much I adore the car, I decided to give you an update. The older part of the article appears after the jump.

In terms of mechanics, it's age is starting to show. We're at the 279,000 mile point and are having to replace the original engine. The Alaska trip cost us in terms of shocks and a few sensors have been replaced along the way. 

The car still runs but the engine is not holding compression. This has pretty much tanked the gas mileage. At this point, we're getting about 20-22 mpg. It still compares favorably to many cars but isn't what the PT Cruiser used to get.

There have been zero problems with the transmission or other major components. All of those are still original. The interior is in excellent shape and the paint is still good. To look at her, there is no way you'd guess that the mileage is so high and that's part of why we're keeping her.

The other part is that I love the the PT Cruiser, want to get out of debt and that I really like the car. I don't know how many more miles she can take but we're sure going to test the limits. After all, how can you maintain a travel blog if you don't travel? :-)

My PT Cruiser is a 2005 model with automatic transmission and typical engine. It has enough space to carry everything I need without feeling cramped. The car has 180,000+ on it and is still going strong. We've had no unusual repairs. Everything (except the timing belt incident) has been routine. It's the usual oil, tires, brakes etc.

The car has taken my familly to Alaska from Tennessee, Glacier National Park in Montana and around the corner on errands. It got over its mountain sluggishness. Gas mileage is still good. Family still loves it.

Good bye PT Cruiser. It's been a good run. It'll be a sad day when production ends. Now I have a reason to hold onto mine for a few more years (or a generation).

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