Sunday, March 28, 2010

Jefferson County Trail - Appalachian Quilt Trail

When traveling through Jefferson County in East Tennessee be sure to keep an eye out for quilts. You can see them decorating barns, houses and businesses. Jefferson County is the home of several such quilts. Each is carefully painted and placed on the structure by teams of volunteers. You can find information on the Jefferson County quilt trail by following the link above. Some are easily seen by the road. Be sure to bring binoculars for the quilts that are a little more difficult to spot.

This map will take you through the quilt trail in Strawberry Plains, Tennessee. The beginning point is the Quality Inn of East Knoxville at I-40 Exit 398. You will be able to see the 2 squares on Cate Barn. This colorful pair of squares are a dutch boy and dutch girl.

On the Jefferson County Quilt Trail you will meander along the Holston River for a short distance. Historic homes in various stages of repair dot the trail. Be watchful for children playing in the street. Rush Strong School in the center of downtown bears a colorful quilt square as do some of the other structures.

Part of the fun of exploring the Jefferson County Quilt Trail is in experiencing locations that aren't on the map. Choose a sunny day. Pack your binoculars and a picnic lunch, then sit back to enjoy the ride.

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