Saturday, March 06, 2010

Pilot offers E85 fuel at 3 More East Tennessee Locations

The availablilty of E85 expands in Knoxville. Pilot Oil has announced that 3 more locations have been added to the Knoxville market. One of these is at the Strawberry Plains Pike Exit in Knoxville, Tennessee. (If you are coming from Knoxville take I-40 to exit 398. Turn right off of the exit and go 2 blocks. You can't miss Pilot Oil on the left.) Two other locations are in Crossville and Dickson.

Travelers and locals with flex fuel vehicles will be glad to take advantage of environmentally friendly E85. Not only is it less expensive but cleaner burning than fossil fuels. It also will make the US less dependent on foreign oil. According to E85 over half of the oil consumed in the US comes from outside our boarders.

This could be good news for the local economy. Switchgrass is being investigated as a possible component for E85 technology.

In January 2010, one of the first cellulosic ethanol plants in the US opened in Vonore in East Tennessee. This is a partnership between DuPont and the Danish company Genencor. The plant also involves continuing research by the University of Tennessee. Switchgrass needs to be grown, stored and transported. Not only does this venture provide needed jobs but it also provides a potential market for Tennessee farmers.

As the interest in reducing our country's need for foreign oil the need for ethanol made from switchgrass and corn cobs will increase. By 2012 the plant is expected to be producing 250,000 gallons of ethanol from corn cobs and switchgrass. That's good news for the environment, the US and good news for East Tennessee.

It'll also be perfect for those one-tank trips from Knoxville! 

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