Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Think Melbourne for Your Next Vacation

Have you considered Melbourne, Australia for your next vacation? Many people are intrigued by the country’s rich history. Other people like the climate change. Enjoy Christmas in shorts. Escape from hot August weather by heading to a cool vacation destination. Whatever your interests may be, Melbourne CBD Accommodation can help you plan your vacation.

Planning is easy on the Melbourne CBD Accommodation website. Everything you need is right at your fingertips. Where else can find out about local attractions like the Australian Racing Museum and Hall of Fame at Federation Square or the Fitzroy and Treasury Gardens?

Whether you are looking for a memorable night at Her Majesty’s Theatre, a magic filled evening of music with the Melbourne Symphonic Orchestra or looking for a romantic experience with Balloon Sunrise Hot Air Ballooning, there is no better place to plan your trip. Melbourne CBD Accommodation might just be the place to visit when planning your vacation to Australia.


  1. Been there. The cleanest city I've ever been in. Even the alleys were very clean with vibrant businesses. Just don't fly coach. A killer 15-1/2 hours from LA.

  2. Coach definitely sounds like an experience to miss! Thanks for the warning.

  3. It's such an "it's not odd, it's God thing" that you would post this today. My cousin left this morning for Australia and Melbourne will be one of his stops!!! He did say he would be in the air 24 hours...each way!!! I don't think I could handle that!!!