Thursday, March 25, 2010

Where to find Knoxville restaurant coupons.

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People often ask me about how I pay for all of my travel. Friends and family know that nothing makes me happier than exploring new places and meeting new people. While it can be expensive there are ways to make a vacation or local outing more affordable. A big cost saving measure is coupons. Travelers who are considering visiting Knoxville can find many places that offer coupons or reduced admission to area attractions.

You can find Knoxville restaurant coupons and discounted attraction tickets at  your local AAA office. Your card is accepted at some restaurants which usually saves you 10% (It effectively acts like a coupon that  you can use repeatedly.) Plus, you get discounts on lodging. Contact your club for a list of business that offer these discounts.

Websites can be the best place to find Knoxville restaurant coupons. Pick the restaurant you want to try and visit their website. You can often find money saving values such as free meals for birthdays, free dessert or even buy-one-get-one free promotions.

Rest areas are an important place to look for Knoxville restaurant coupons. Check the racks of brochures and in the free travel magazines. These sometimes have coupons for restaurants.

When you check into a motel ask the desk clerk for coupons. They sometimes have stacks of coupons for attractions or restaurants. Desk clerks can also be a good source of information for insider tips to visiting the city.


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