Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pfaltzgraff is ideal for newlyweds or new couples

Pfaltzgraff dinnerware was my pattern of choice when my husband and I got married 22 years ago. The pattern we selected was “Aura”. It was a lovely pink background color with a rose and smoky blue rim. The pattern was retired in 1998 but the quality continues. My plates have survived many years of use and several moves.

The nice thing about Pfaltzgraff stoneware is how versatile it is. The casserole dishes make cooking a breeze. Plates can be warmed in the microwave or traditional oven. One of my favorite dishes was a large stoneware casserole dish with a lid. It could be used at home or taken to a potluck supper. I swear that we could wrap it in a towel and the contents would stay warm all evening.

In addition to dishes and cookware, some people don’t realize that Pfaltzgraff makes a full line of kitchen tools and quality flatware. Choose from everyday kitchen items to upscale high quality sterling silver flatware that can become heirlooom pieces.  

When you give a gift of Pfaltzgraff you are giving a quality item that will last for decades. In our case, it’s already lasted one generation and has worked its way into our daughter's home. With proper use, I’m confident that it will last for several more generations to come.

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