Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How I make money writing on the internet

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More people are asking me how I make money blogging. The next question is how much money I make. Let's just say that blogging won't make you rich. It might be helpful to pay some bills. I was able to pay off my credit cards by writing for Associated Content which helped.

Associated Content (AC) is not blogging. AC calls itself the People's Media company. You choose what to write about. Then, you have two options when it comes to submitting for payment.

The first payment option is to write an article and submit it for page views only. You'll get a percentage of a penny each time the page is viewed. That's not much but if you are writing on a hot topic or if you have a wildly popular article those pennies can add up.

Other than local content, two of my highest page view earners took me by surprise. Who would have thought that National Grouch Day would be such a popular article? It has been viewed almost 6,000 times (so far). or that so many people would be interested in my article Obama, Get a Goldendoodle Mutt Puppy From the Pound at almost 5,000 hits.

The best thing is that these articles continue to earn money every time they are clicked. (By the way, thanks for clicking on the articles. I appreciate that.)

By now you're probably still asking how I make money writing on the internet. You can see that these articles in and of themselves won't pay much.

The other way that you can paid on Associated Content is to submit articles for upfront payment. You'll write an article and submit it. The article will go through a review process. AC will try to determine if it will draw traffic, is interesting and well written (watch those typos) . Then, they will offer you an upfront payment or allow you to submit it immediately for page views only.  Your article will also continue to earn page view income as long as people will click on it.

Upfront payments are not large. They typically range between $2-$10 with most of them falling in the $3-$4 range.

So how do I make money by writing on the internet?

I do it by writing well, writing often, telling my friends and commenting on their articles. (Go social media!) Like I said earlier, you won't get rich. My goal is to write 3 - 4 articles a day that earn $3 each. That's a paycheck of about $300 at the end of the month plus about $20-$30 in page views from previous articles. That my friends is not just how I make money by writing on the internet, it's how I make my car payment.

You can too. If you're interested click here to begin writing for Associated Content.

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