Friday, April 30, 2010

Prom invitation written on asphalt

Hubby and I were at an area Shoney's when we saw this note written on the parking lot. Someone had worked very hard to invite someone else to the prom. The following message appeared in chalk on the asphalt.

It would have been impossible not to be impressed. He went to a lot of work to create the message near her car. Then he went to just as much effort to be sure that she saw it. As long as the effort is made by the right person, any girl's heart would have melted on the spot.

The arrows began from the front step of the sidewalk. I'm talking about the huge directional arrows that steered you the words on the ground. They could have almost doubled as eye-catching fireworks.

You couldn't miss the prom invitation written on the asphalt if you had wanted to. The bright colors lit up the parking lot. It's a shame that the photos weren't better. Everything appeared to be done in painstaking care and with every detail worked out.

The prom invitation written on the asphalt reads:
" Alley, I never got around to asking you to the prom. Will you go with me? Wesley"

Isn't it nice to know that love still blooms?

As yet, we have not found out if the guy was lucky enough to snag the date of his attentions. If you are "in the know" please leave a comment.

A few weeks later we did find out that the young woman did say yes. She even said that they had a good time. With such a unique way to ask a girl to the prom, who could resist?

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