Monday, April 05, 2010

Restaurant Review of Qdoba Mexican Grill

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Qdoba Mexican Grill
7339 Kingston Pk.
Knoxville, TN 37919
Phone: 865.588.3333

Qdoba restaurant in Knoxville, Tennessee is easy to find. Head West on Kingston Pike from the Bearden Hill area. It's on the right across the street from the Gallery Shopping Center that has Kinko's in it.

One of the reasons that we chose Qdoba Mexican Grill in Knoxville is the coupon that we found online. This quick service restaurant is a nice change from burgers or sandwich shops. Qdoba Mexican Grill in Knoxville is all about burritos. The restaurant is similar to Salsarita's which is further west on Kingston Pike.

After entering the restaurant you get in line to place your order. It reminded me of Subway. The burrito is made right in front of you, wrapped and placed on a plate. Pay the cashier at the end of the line then take your disposable cup to the drink station as often as you like.

The Qdoba in Knoxville had a medium sized seating area with your basic tables and chairs. It's straight forward but nothing fancy. Wireless internet is offered but plugs are limited. Menu choices are varied but mostly constricted to burritos. You can also get tacos and the almost mandatory chips and salsa.

Deciding what to eat is touch. After internal debate I chose the pulled pork. This proved to be a good decision. They also have chicken, steak or ground beef. You can also go vegetarian if you like.
Behind the counter the employee went to work. He added a good sized scoop of pulled pork and then layered in the rice and beans. Next the toppings of fresh shredded lettuce, sour cream and cheese were added.

By the time it was wrapped the burrito seemed almost to be the size of a small island (or at least a deli sandwich). The burrito looks like a two fisted job but forget eating this monster by hand. Use a fork and knife. It's much easier that way.

The flavors worked well. There was a little kick to the pulled pork and beans but not bad. I also liked that the ingredients seemed to be fresh. The burrito was very filling. Finishing it was almost impossible. The Qdoba Mexican Grill in Knoxville works well. Drinks are either sodas or tea. The counter service is quick and the seating area was clean.

With the BOGO coupon the ticket price for 3 was just over $15. This included drinks and tax. The Qdoba Mexican Grill in Knoxville provided a good quick service meal at a reasonable price. With the wireless internet you can bet that we'll be back.

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