Sunday, June 27, 2010

Moving companies make life easier

Because of my husband’s job we have moved more often than I care to think about. The thought of moving is enough to make me cringe. Next to packing one of the most dreaded aspects is finding quotes and rounding up supplies

Since its moving season I wanted to share a few tips that I’ve learned through the years.

1. Moving tip.
Have a giant moving sale.
If hasn’t been used, worn or read in the past year put it in a moving sale. Sort through the items to see what might work best on eBay. After the sale bag everything up and head toward Goodwill.

2. Recycle
Use recycled boxes and paper as much as you can. Getting your boxes from grocery stores, liquor stores, wholesale clubs and the like will save you a small fortune. It will also help save the environment.

When you find out you’re moving ask friends to save their newspapers. Wrap up your collectibles well. You can’t overdo it! Wadded up sheets of paper are great for filling empty space in boxes and wrapping up small items.

3. Get help loading.
Talk with moving companies. Even if you plan to move yourself call them. They can often send folks to help you load the truck.

4. Get help.
It helps to have friends. Call them. Order pizza and ask them to help you pack. Not only does it help to have company but the packing goes faster. Note: Do not ask your daughter’s ex-boyfriend to help. Don’t ask why!

5. Buy lots of permanent markers.
You’ll need them to label each box. Don’t simply write “kitchen”, “bath” or “living room”. List at least some of the contents. This will help you find items that you need.

6. Pack a necessity box.
Fill a cardboard box with the necessities. Make sure you at least have a full set of sheets for each bed, a towel for each person, paper plates, cups and paper towels.

7. Takeout
Don’t try to cook on the day you move. You’ll be exhausted. Order pizza or buy takeout.

8. Moving companies make life easier.
Use one next time. It may be the best decision you ever made.

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