Friday, June 18, 2010

Photos of Kentucky Camp Wildcat Civil War Battlefield

Camp Wildcat is a civil war battlefield. The road is best navigated by a Jeep, truck or other high profile vehicle. Attempting it in a low profile vehicle is not a good idea.

To get to the battlfield of Camp Wildcat take I-75 into Kentucky and get off at the Livingston exit #49. From there it's 2 miles. Travel east off the interstate to Hwy. 909, turn onto Hwy. 25 South until you get to Hazel Patch Road. There, you'll see a large sign pointing you toward the battlefield.

An interpretive center is at the top of the hill. Picking up a brochure will help you understand the history you are walking on. Be sure to watch the road on the way up. In addition to deep ruts and a one lane road drivers also need to watch for cattle. The cow below was eating on the side of the roadway. Friends were in the process of crossing when we came upon them. 

Once  you arrive you can enjoy the thick forest. A path of moderate difficulty awaits. Stone markers commemorate the site. If you look closely you can see the edges of the trenches that were dug by the soldiers. Be respectful as you walk where history was made. Take only photos. Report the finding and location of any artifacts to the London Ranger Station. 

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