Monday, June 28, 2010

Towers at North Myrtle Beach offer ocean fun

Are you thinking of hitting the beach this summer? My family is thinking of traveling to the Myrtle Beach area before school starts this fall. Both of the kids are in college so summer is the only time we have to get together as a family. When doing some of the research for towers at myrtle beach I found one that caught my eye.

The concept of a 1, 2 or 3 bedroom condo with a private balcony caught my eye. There is always the chance that friends will come with us. Space is a necessity when you have college kids around. A kitchen (or at least a refrigerator) is always a plus. The Towers at North Myrtle Beach seem to offer the space and amenities that we need.
Don't think that Myrtle Beach is all Pavilion. It's not. There are plenty of hotels and resorts that are away from the busy part of town. I especially like to avoid the Pavilion area if visiting anywhere near spring break. College students take over the area and the area around it can be crowded. There is a large parking garage next to the Pavilion which does make life easier. 

Myrtle Beach vacations are always fun. I can’t wait for our vacation and hope to decide where to stay pretty soon. After all this work, I'll be upset if the room fill and we can't book the trip. We made the mistake of driving in without reservations once and we will likely never do that again.

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