Monday, July 12, 2010

Destinations for Knoxville one tank trips

Where is a one tank  trip and where can you go? As these trips rise in popularity many people are asking these questions. This article takes away some of the guesswork and helps you plan your Knoxville one tank trip.

There are 2 things to keep in mind when planning this kind of journey. Look at the fuel economy and gas tank size. If your tank holds 15 gallons and you get 23 mpg then your trip range should be a half-tank of  gas. Your full tank may get you about 345 mile. Using half of that number so you can get home will be around 170 miles. Of course terrain and heavy traffic can substantially reduce the range of your Knoxville one tank trip so adjust accordingly.

Where can you go on a Knoxville one tank trip? Here are some ideas to use as a guide.

Where can you go on a Knoxville one tank trip idea #1
I-75 South
Your destination can be south of Chattanooga in Calhoun, Georgia. There are lots of interesting places to visit along the way. Any of these great destinations would put you under a full tank of gas. Check out Lenoir City, Athens, Cleveland, Chattanooga, Dalton or Calhoun, Georgia.

Where can you go on a Knoxville one tank trip #2
I-75 North
You can go well into Kentucky. Ever wanted to explore Lexington? It's a Knoxville one tank trip. Along the way you'll go through Clinton, Norris, Lake City, Caryville, Jelico, Berea, Richmond and arrive in Lexington.

Where can you go on a Knoxville one tank trip #3
I-40 East
Black Mountain, NC can be your destination. It's east of Asheville, North Carolina. Along the way you might want to stop in Dandridge, Newport or Lake Junaluska before arriving in Black Mountain

Where can you go on a Knoxville one tank trip #4
I-40 West
How about just east of Nashville, Tennessee? Smaller towns that are on the way include Cookville, Crossville and Lebanon.

Where will you go on your Knoxville one tank trip? Get a map and plan your fun. View more ideas on Examiner and Associated Content. Leave your suggestions for others in the comments section below.

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