Saturday, July 03, 2010

Don't let heat illness ruin your vacation

Summer vacations mean fun. They also mean high temperatures and longer exposures than we get during the winter. Who wants to think about heat related illnesses at a time like this? Summer is the time for pool parties and seeing friends. Unfortunately, it's also the time when we need to be concerned about heat illness and how prevent it.

Heat sickness (also called heat exhaustion or a more dangerous form called heat stroke) can strike anyone. You don't have to travel to the dessert of the Grand Canyon to develop heat illness. Even people who are home, at pool parties or relaxing in their own backyards should take precautions.

Some people are more susceptible to heat related illness than others. For these people the extra exertion can take its toll even if traveling to a relativ... From: 12 Tips to Help Prevent Heat Sickness and Related Illnesses on Vacation

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