Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tennessee restaurant health dept scores offline

Tennessee restaurant health department scores can once again be found online. The new website is great news for anyone who eats in restaurants these days. A lot of people place a priority on health scores received by their favorite eatery. When the website was down the only way to find out about the scores was to call the restaurant and hope for accurate information. It was not the best situation.

Kudos to the State of Tennessee for once again making the restaurant health information available online.

The above was updated on 9/10/11.

The Tennessee restaurant health department scores are offline. A statement has been released. Blog follwers know that linking to the health score is an important part of our review. We hope that the State of Tennessee will be able to get the website up and running again.

If you want the score you'll need to call the county in which the restaurant is located. The health department map may be able to help you out.