Saturday, July 31, 2010

U.S. National Parks Passport Book

One of our favorite travel items is a U.S. National Parks Passport Book. Pick one up from the bookstore of your favorite national park. Have it stamped (cancelled) at other parks that you visit. Each visitor center and park will have a differently designed rubber stamp to help you commemorate your visit.

We used our U.S. National Passport Book to make the photo movie below. You can see that extensive park travel experiences  are documented in the book. It can be used year after year to record trips.

Tucked inside the front of the book is a clear plastic sleeve. This contains a guide to all of the national parks. Use this to plan  your next trip. There are plenty of parks to see. You might as well get started. Have fun using  your U.S. National Park Passport Book. Years of adventure await!

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