Saturday, July 31, 2010

Use the Gay Travel Buddy website for your next trip

Are you heading to out of town for some fun and excitement? Do you need to unwind from it all?
A friend of mine is gay and he has trouble finding the perfect places to relax and just enjoy life. If you are having the same problems this short list of gay travel hot spots may help you too.

The San Diego Hillcrest Area is filled with the local culture that can only be found in San Diego. The area has a reputation for diversity and tolerance. Best of all, the shops, restaurants and boutiques are within walking distance of each other. Parking is an issue. You may want to use bus service visitors may want to forgo that rental car completely.

Who doesn’t appreciate a good cup of coffee now and then? Check out this list of Coffee Shops to get that perfect cup of java.

San Francisco, Castro Area has a reputation for being one of the best spots for gay travel. Getting around is kind of interesting so plan on using taxis. This area has some great shops, a theater and more.

Las Vegas Area has plenty of high rolling action. There are plenty of bars and glitzy tourist attractions to visit.

Austin, Texas. A good bar can be a challenge to find anywhere. Austin bas a variety of friendly bars.  This link of gay bars may be helpful. Need help finding a place to eat or sleep? These links Restaurants and  Hotels of will help you find a great place to stay.

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