Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fort Loudoun State Historic Area in Vonore, TN

Fort Loudoun State Park
338 Fort Loudoun Road
Vonore , TN 37885
Office: 423-884-6217
Fax: 423-884-2287

Visiting Fort Loudoun State Park is like physically visiting the East Tennessee colonial era. On many weekends you'll find actors in uniform recreating late 1700s fort life. You can learn about the trials and tribulations faced by early settlers and the impact of trade with the Cherokee Indians.

Don't forget to step into the visitor center. There are all kinds of reproduced period items that  you can take home. Exhibits and viewing of a short video also wait for you.

When you finish exploring the historical area you can launch your boat, hike or have a picnic.

It's a great way for a family to spend a full day together or to just enjoy an afternoon.

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