Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fall is a great time to visit the Knoxville Zoo

The zoo celebrates the wonders that are found in the natural world around us. Anytime is a good time to visit. This fall why not take the family and head on over for a visit. 

If you haven't been to the Knoxville Zoo since you were a kid you are in for a treat. Over the years there have been lots of improvements and redesigning. Gone is that long hike up the hill when you first enter. A completely upgraded entrance replaced the older one several years ago.

Other upgrades are apparent. One favorite is the Wee Play Zoo in the Pilot Special Exhibit Building. I can only wish that this was around when my kids were young. It is especially designed for kids from preschool through elementary school. The Wee Play Zoo is open during the regular zoo operating hours.

I found out about this by visiting the Knoxville Zoo booth at the Tennessee Valley Fair. We were there on opening day to get the full scoop on the fair activities. 
The young woman who was working the booth was knowledgeable and professional. Her enthusiasm for her job came through. She was glad to talk with me about the zoo and gave me some information.

Want to know what else I learned? The Knoxville Zoo has one of the top worldwide Red Panda breeding programs in existence. Two baby panda cubs were born in June 2010. Hearing that made me  head on over to the Knoxville Zoo website to get the full scoop on the Red Panda exhibit. 

According to the Knoxville Zoo website Kroger Plus Card members can get $2.00 off. Click here for information on regular ticket prices and how to get the Kroger Plus Card discount.

With discounted tickets and educational fun there's no reason not to visit the zoo. Why not make plans to visit today?

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