Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Use colored card stock paper to make monogram cards

There are many crafts and cards using colored card stock paper that you can make. The design possibilities are endless. Anytime you create something its important to pay attention to the quality of the paper.

Scrapbookers know the importance of using quality materials. Go to any crop and you’ll hear the words “acid free” being tossed around like shops on a sea. It’s that important.

Do not be tempted into thinking “Oh, this is just a project for the kids.” Who’s to say that very project won’t grace your refrigerator and then be framed to hang on the wall later? If your materials weren’t of at least a minimal quality that work of art won’t hold up to years of display.

At Hope for Healing.Org they use colored card stock to create simple monogrammed notecards. These products are made by juvenile offenders. They’re easy to create and make a beautiful statement.

Here’s how they do it:

  • Greeting card size envelopes
  • Colored card stock
  • Large ink pad
  • Rubber stamp with a monogram
  • Rubber stamp in a border pattern
  • Baby wipes for stamp cleaning

Select the right envelope size for the card you want to make. Envelopes will usually fit a half-fold or a quarter fold card. We’ll assume the kids are making a half fold card for this purpose.

  1. Fold the sheet of colored card stock in half.
  2. Turn the card stock so that it faces you with the folded edge pointing away from your body.
  3. Press the stamp with a border pattern onto the ink pad.
  4. Position the stamp so that the border will frame the monogram.
  5. Press the rubber stamp with a monogram firmly onto the ink pad.
  6. Press the stamp onto the front center of the folded piece of card stock. The border should form a printed frame for the monogram.
  7. Set the card aside while the ink dries.
  8. Repeat using colored card stock paper until you are finished making cards.
  9. Clean the stamps with baby wipes to remove all traces of ink.

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