Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Virgin Mobile $40 Unlimited Internet proves unbeatable

Have you heard about the new Virgin Mobile $40 unlimited internet? It's called Broadband2Go and it's unbeatable. There is no contract, no high bills, no hassle and great coverage.  

Why prepay works for me
My first foray into prepaid wireless was with cell phone service with Virgin Mobile. The service was steady and reliable. I only switched to Straight Talk because it's a better deal. Prepaid wireless suits me well. I positively love the no contract freedom!

Now, Virgin Mobile has gone the next step with their new cellular internet. Unlimited surfing for $40 a month has to be the latest deal of a lifetime. Their Sprint based Broadband2Go 3G internet offers the affordability and portability that I need. 

Wireless internet service with the Virgin Mobile Broadband2Go uses top-up cards or you can choose to have the amount debited monthly from your checking account. There are no worries about contracts, overuseage or high bills. No matter how much internet you use you'll only pay *$40 and tax for the unlimited plan. 

Device options
Two devices are available for the Virgin Mobile Broadband2Go unlimited internet:

The Ovation MC760 is a plug and play USB device that's little bigger and thicker than a flashdrive. It costs only $79 and runs one computer. With it you can surf, download, play music and do everything you would want to do. 

Then there's the Virgin Mobile MiFi 2200 mobile hotspot. This is the device that will keep executives from other internet companies awake at night. This unit runs up to 5 portable devices and fits in your palm (next...).
*Prices subject to change without notice.

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