Friday, September 10, 2010

Windrock Windfarm in Tennessee creates green energy

Gracing the top of Buffalo Mountain near Oak Ridge is the town of Oliver Springs, Tennessee. This is the home of the area's first and only windfarm. The Tennessee Valley Authority has 18 windmills that are currently providing enough electricity to power about 3,000 homes.

Windmills on Buffalo Mtn., TN
Steady winds are needed to continuously power the windmills. Too little winds can reduce production while winds that are too strong can cause damage to the blades or to the windmill itself. Windrock on Buffalo Mountain near Oak Ridge provided the perfect conditions needed to create electricity.

The electricity created is considered to be green energy. Any renewable source of energy that is provided by nature is considered to be green energy. This can include windpower as well as water or solar power. All of these reduce our carbon footprint and helps to protect our environment.

Near this modern day wonder is Windrock OHV Area. If you want a good look at the windmills this is the best  way to do it.

The Windrock trails range from the incredibly easy to the darned near impossible. It's owned by Coal Creek Mining and Manufacturing Company. Access to the Windrock Off Highway Vehicle area is controlled by permit. You can't miss the check-in station as you arrive. It's a small building on the left as you enter the area.

Around the windmills is a protected area marked by a large iron gate. You can pull your vehicle right up to the gate and walk around. Visitors can not only enjoy splendid views but will be able to hear the gentle "whoosh" sound created by the blades.

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  1. Wind farms are a hot topic in Michigan now. There's a proposal to put one about eight miles offshore in Lake Michigan, and a lot of people are unhappy about the prospect.