Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Best lamps for college students

Finding the best lamps for college students is more of a challenge that it needs to be. As readers of You’ve Been Reviewed know, my daughters are both in college. One is about an hour down the street. The other one is several hours away. Every year we get to help both kids when the move into their doors. One of the things that seem to always come up is the type of lighting that they need.

Dorm rooms vary from one year to the next. Furniture and lighting needs change every year and sometimes from one semester to another. As each new room mate moves in (or out) of a dorm room the furniture pattern usually changes.

We’ve found out that low voltage halogen lamps give out great light and brighten the room. The floor models can be especially helpful. Kids just have to be sure that they don’t knock them around so they tip over.

These floor lamps can be among the best lamps for college students as long as the school allows them. Shop Wiki has some that clamp onto desks. These are more stable and also give off a good amount of light.

We found that desk lamps are almost always needed. One year we picked up a small one for one of my daughters. This seemed to work out pretty well for her. (Until the next year when her desk was smaller.) It had a clip so that it could be moved from one side of the desk to the other. The next year, that lamp was easily clipped to the end of her bunk for use as a reading light.

Other lamps that have been among the best lamps for college students are small book lamps. Typically they are battery operated and are some of the best lamps for college students. These clip on to books and are easily used in a dorm room, thrown into backpacks or suitcase.

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