Friday, October 29, 2010

Fall Foliage Pictures from Camp Wildcat, Livingston, KY Exit 49

Hubby and I took a drive to Camp Wildcat in Kentucky in hopes of viewing fall foliage and taking some gorgeous fall pictures. As written in our previous article the camp is off of I-75, exit 49 in Kentucky.

Referring to Camp Wildcat as being "off the beaten path" may be kind. If you have a truck it's can be a fun visit. The drive is beautiful but low profile vehicles may have problems. (Click the link above to learn more about that.)

Unfortunately for those of who were hoping to enjoy autumn colors, a huge storm went through the area earlier this week that blew away much of the fall foliage. It's sad but compared to what the storm did in other places it hard to complain about leaves. Roofs were blown off of buildings in nearby Middlesboro, KY and the storm did damage in our home town as well. What are leaves compared to lives and homes that were at risk?

Despite the challenges, we were still able to get some nice fall pictures at Camp Wildcat in Kentucky. As you can see, the fall foliage is still pretty. Here are some of the shots I took.

When you travel to Camp Wildcat you pass through the Kentucky mountains. The main artery running through the area is  I-75. For the more adventurous (or those who simply want to take more fall pictures) Hwy. 25W is the route to take.

Hwy. 25 W is part of a scenic highway that runs through Tennessee and Kentucky.  You will pass through several small towns along the way. The fall foliage is aways stunning. It's hard not to get some nice fall pictures.

The drive along Hwy. 25W is for those who enjoy the journey as much as the destination. It's not to be rushed. You will drive through the towns of London and Middlesboro, KY. , Harrogate and LaFollette, TN and other interesting towns.

In addition to fall pictures, travelers on Hwy. 25W will have the chance to stop at several state parks and a national park. If you are looking for a fall foliage drive it visiting Camp Wildcat may just be the thing to do.

Find out more about visiting Camp Wildcat any time of year by going through this link.

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  1. I love all the little adventures that you share. Hubby and I don't do much of anything 'cause he feels so bad much of the time!! :(
    On a brighter note...WE HAVE A PASTOR!!! Our church is growing and thriving and there's excitement in the air now. Of course...that's when Satan likes to jump right in and make a mess of things!!! Thanks or your prayers!