Saturday, October 09, 2010

How to shorten your link url

Do you need to know how to shorten your link url? It's easy, fast and free to do. This article will help you learn how. This link will help you with where to shorten your url.

Shortening your link url is easy. Go to your favorite shortening company. Type in your long and arduous link. Click a button. Presto! The newer shorter version of you is ready. It's kind of like an instant diet and makeover for your web links.

For example, my url on Examiner is pretty long. I shortened it by using Google. As you can see this link is much easier to tweet than this one Both links will take you to the same place. One just takes a shorter route.

Some companies allow you to personalize your links. This can make life easier. You are more likely to remember the customized version and so are your followers. That's why knowing how to shorten your link url is a must.

Short links are an important part of life today. Micro blogging platforms like Twitter and Facebook status updates only allow a certain number of characters before cutting off your message. The person you are trying to communicate with may receive multiple messages with partial information or get frustrated and stop following your messages.

No one wants that to happen. Learning how to shorten your url can help. Now that you know how to do that it's time to learn where to shorten your link url.

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