Friday, October 22, 2010

Jesse Willms;An entrepreneur turned philanthropist

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What do Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Canada, the Breast Cancer Research Fund and the Gulf Oil Spill Restortation Fund have in common? If you answered that they all received needed funding from Jesse Willms then you would be correct.

So who is he? For answers we need to look at

According to his blog he is a self-made entrepreneur who combined innovation and hard work to build successful companies. After seeing the need around the globe he was moved to compassion. He took inspiration from people like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett and decided to devote a substantial amount of time and personal resources to helping charities.

Many charities are hard pressed to provide services. The economic downturn has caused some charities to close their doors and other nonprofit organizations (also called non government organizations) to sharply cut back on services. When this happens the people who need assistance the most, are the least likely to receive it.

Women and children make up the highest percentage of those who live in poverty in the United States. Even though Jesse Willms appears to be a Canadian success story, he says through his blog that he has still reached to his friends and neighbors in both countries. Through the support of Kival and World Vision his aid literally reaches around the globe.

He is also said to be actively encouraging others to give back to their communities by volunteering in soup kitchens, setting a budget and donating 1% percent of your income or by purchasing a toy for a child at Christmas. These are all things that seem to be within reach for many people.

Not everyone is able to write large checks like Jesse Willms says that he can. We can each perform a tiny act of kindness that will help another person. Thank you, Mr. Willms for inspiring others to help.

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