Friday, October 15, 2010

Photos taken with the FujuFilm 18X superzoom

I've had a blast using my new FujiFilm S2700 18X superzoom. This camera came as a welcome relief after trying three other cameras. What I like about it is the crispness of the photos, the zoom and responsiveness. Using regular AAA batteries is a definite plus.

The superzoom is a good compromise between a point and shoot and a DSLR. It's versatility provides excellent macro and zoom quality. This FujiFilm S2700 18X superzoom has excellent shake reduction. Don't count on that to override every situation. The one caveat with all superzoom cameras is that you must use a tripod or place the camera securely on a steady surface when shooting.

The pictures you see were all taken with the FujiFilm S2700 18X superzoom. Various settings were used. I was very pleased with the results.

Recently, we visited Pohick Bay Regional Park in Virginia. This was a great chance to use my new FujiFilm S2700. If you click on one the larger version will open. Hit your browser's back key to return.

Each photo is taken with the FujiFilm S2700 18X superzoom. I stood in the same spot for each shot. The photos show amazing detail for such an extended optical zoom.

No zoom used. 
This photo used the simple point and shoot mode without zoom. My daughter is a good distance away from me. She is surrounded by forest. Her shirt is light gray with some kind of printing on it. The color and sharpness is good but this photo with the FujiFilm S2700 18X superzoom doesn't show much detail about my daughter.

Taken at about 1/2 of the 18X zoom.
For this photo was taken at half zoom with the FujiFilm S2700 18X superzoom. Details are good. Now, you can also begin to see some of the design on her shirt, her smile and see that there is something in her hand. (What is she holding?)

Full 18X zoom used.
Zoom all the way with the FujiFilm S2700 18X superzoom and you can read her shirt. She is holding her camera and smiling. The background is no softer than expected.

This photo was taken with the FujiFilm S2700 camera without a tripod.  (Never a good idea.)

 I've tried the FujiFilm S2700 camera in a variety of situations and have been very pleased with its performance. It is definitely the best digital camera for my uses.

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