Friday, October 15, 2010

Trying to fill in insurance gaps

It’s that time again. Every fall my family reevaluates our insurance needs. We receive group health insurance rates through my husband’s employer. As with everyone, the rates are high and the coverage isn’t perfect.

This year we’ve had some noticeable gaps and are looking at adding a health flex account for 2011. If it works as I understand it we’ll lower our taxable income and use that money to help cover gaps in our health care coverage. My thinking is that it has to help. If not, I’ll be posting about that experience come this time next year.

A few weeks ago I was privileged to be in on a conference call with White House Staffers and President Obama. The results of that call were encouraging. Basically, the new health care initiative may not be as bad as we’ve been told.

It sounds like when the plan finishes phasing in some of our healthcare issues may be resolved. I’m relieved to know that my daughters can remain on our policy until age 26. It’s also good to know that insurance companies cannot drop you if you make a mistake when applying for coverage.

If you have a small company you may want a business insurance quote for healthcare or other reasons. If you own a car you may want take a look at Netquote business car insurance. They seem to be able to help with a wide variety of insurance needs.

No matter what you decide it’s better to have insurance than to go without. Good luck with your search. May you find the right plan to fit your needs. If you know anything about a health flex spending account or have suggestions about searching for insurance let us know. Add your comments below.

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