Friday, October 15, 2010

Where to shorten your link url

Most companies make shortening a simple easy process. Where to shorten your link url is as important as knowing how to shorten your link. They know that if you don't have a good experience with their service, then you won't come back. In this day and age you'd better believe that every click counts. That's why it's critical to know where to shorten your url.

Short links that are easy to remember will keep your customers coming back too. Many companies will track the stats on the links you shorten. This has helped me gauge the effectiveness of platforms such as Twitter on my overall article traffic.

When deciding where to shorten your link url you have to keep the quality of the company in mind. Try to select one that has staying power. No one wants the nightmare of creating links on a website that goes belly up. 

I feel like the following companies answer the question of where to shorten your link url. Nothing is guaranteed in life. Each of these have proven track records and should have staying power. Many of these will require or suggest that you set up a free account first. 

Ready for the list? Here's where to shorten your link url:
Short links are a good way to gauge traffic to your site. Not only are they short but they work well on social media platforms. A simple test will help you determine effectiveness. Share the long link on your favorite social media platform (I usually use Twitter) and check the traffic to it later.

Then, shorten the link and share it at about the same time on the next day. Compare traffic. Your shortened link will tell you how many clicks that link received. Compare the numbers to see how the short link worked for you.

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