Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Video on making a candy Santa sleigh with presents

Learn to make a cute candy cane Santa sleigh with this video. There's not another cuter craft that's more fun to make than this one. It's a fun item for groups, teens or coworkers. With the older kids, creating these little treasures can make for quality family time.

Use miniature candies to stretch your budget. Of course, if you want to make full size versions of these candy cane Santa sleigh treats that's ok too. Just use the full size candy bars and regular size candy canes. Everything else will work the same.

This video includes ideas for substitutions. Let's say that someone in your child's class is allergic to peanuts or that you want to limit the amount of sugar that kids have. It's no problem. Use a small box of crayons instead of a chocolate bar for the bottom part of the sleigh. Glue curved pencils or pens to the side of the box to represent sleigh runners.

Depending on the age of the child you can use a plastic Santa Claus for a driver and brightly colored erasers on the back. If the recipient is a teenager or co-worker you can glue on actual small toys. Small bouncy balls, tops or other items of this type are cute on the back of the sleigh.

Make your variations and have fun. With this candy cane Santa Claus sleigh the ski is the limit! Up up and away. Merry Christmas!

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