Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bass Pro is decked out for Christmas

We found out that Bass Pro Shops is all decked out for Christmas. My husband and I stopped in there when we visited Sevierville. It's at the I-40 Exit 407. If you're coming from Knoxville just turn left when you get off of the interstate. This takes you away from Pigeon Forge and Sevierville. Turn left again when you see the Smokies Stadium on the right.

Bass Pro Shops has all kinds of equipment for people who enjoy the great outdoors. I love their camping section. Hubby enjoys walking through and dreaming about owning one of the fast boats and fishing boats that are for sale.

The part-museum decor brings you back to nature.

Even when not decorated for Christmas you can still spend all day at the Bass Pro Shops in Kodak. They've made it easy by placing a coffee kiosk in front of the cascading waterfall. If you want something heavier there's no problem there either. A full service restaurant is on the left as you come into the store.

I found a nice sized display of tree ornaments when we went shopping. Every year I pick out a special ornament for each of my children. The idea is that they'll have a few things for their tree when they get ready to set up their own housekeeping.

The ornaments were of good quality. There were themes to make almost any outdoor fan proud. I was able to pick up one that resembled a campfire cooking pan. They also had Christmas tree ornaments for hunters, people who like to fish and you name it. It was a pretty intriguing collection.

A guy in the red suit was upstairs at the Bass Pro Shops. He had a line of children who were waiting to climb on his lap. A few brought long lists of what they hoped to get. All of the children were being good and had formed a single file line. Santa Claus had to have noticed this when he talked to each one.

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