Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas lights in Huntsville, TN in Scott County

My husband took a drive to Huntsville, Tennessee in Scott County the other night. We were coming back from an enjoyable Christmas dinner party at the Grey Gables. The food, splendor and company were all superb!

As we were coming back through town we saw this fun display of Christmas lights.I had to grab my camera and take the few shots that you see here.

The Christmas lights in Huntsville, Tennessee are in a loop drive
in and around a park. The road is in and out is one way although a street at the back of the park allows you to turn either direction.

A historical marker stands in front of the Scott County Courthouse. This provides some insight as to the people from Scott County who served in the Revolutionary War. There is a nice cluster of lights surrounding a memorial to soldiers from the area.

You will drive right in front of the Christmas light display in Huntsville, TN  as you drive through the town. This may not be the largest display in the world but it is very nicely done.

Scott County itself is an interesting place to visit with an impressive history. If you've read my article about the Big South Fork National Park you already know about part of what the county offers in terms of recreation. The park itself  has more than 300 miles of hiking trails and there are campgrounds on site.

A railway, OHV trails, Royal Blue and Sundquist Wildlife Management areas and history are all good reasons to visit.  There are some tempting places to stay and intriguing shops. I'm looking forward to visiting the area and doing some more exploring. Look for more blog articles to come later this spring.

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