Friday, December 03, 2010

Thanks Law Enforcement, SWAT Members and our Military

I’ll never forget the day that I spoke at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. One of the reasons why the event was so memorable (other than the obvious) is that the event leader had to check in with security. We’re in D.C. So, you don’t just check in with any member of security. No. No. No. You check in with a member of the SWAT team!

Capitol Building, Washington, D.C
It was a little startling to talk with a swat team member in Washington, D. C. His job is to protect the Lincoln Memorial and the other monuments. Our law enforcement personnel, Coast Guard and National Guard members stand (rightfully) proud and strong.

Seeing Arlington National Cemetery was a sobering experience.
We were among many tourists that stopped there that day. I think people who see images on television or learning about it in school think of Arlington as another Washington, D.C. tourist attraction. That thought immediately vanishes.

Tourists weren't as emotional here as at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial but the atmosphere was solemn and respectful. I heard once that our military member sometimes buy their own equipment. Places like Tactical Gun Armory provide products but it should never have to happen. It shouldn’t matter if it’s 9mm ammunition or a bulletproof vest, all equipment should be provided.

Washington National Cathedral
Washington National Cathedral
The newest monument is long overdue World War II Memorial that was dedicated in 2004. It took 11 years to bring this to fruition after being approved by Congress. The Smithsonian Institution helped put together a reunion celebration on the National Mall and there was a service of thanksgiving at the Washington National Cathedral.

The monuments are free and most are open from daylight until late at night. The Korean War Memorial is especially dramatic at night. There isn't any reason not to visit.

Many thanks to the military personnel who keep our country safe. I'm including law enforcement, SWAT members, National Guard, Coast Guard all all those who protect our country.I take a road trip or Megabus there fairly frequently.

My family has visited many times and we have stayed in several hotels in different parts of Washington, D.C. When it comes to area attractions, we've only scratched the surface. Every person should visit our Nation's capitol if only once in a lifetime.

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