Thursday, December 09, 2010

Travel insurance is a necessity for any trip

My blog readers know that my passion for traveling is limitless. From exploring the local area, to driving to Alaska or visiting Walt Disney World in Florida, nothing is off of the table.

Soon, the travel season will be upon us once again. One thing that I have learned the hard way on my travels is the importance of travel insurance. When en route to Alaska our car broke down. Being towed over 100 miles would have killed us financially if it weren’t for the insurance and help of our friends.

Car  breakdown
Many travelers don’t realize that their health care policies don’t necessarily work in another country. My daughter made her first trip out of the country when she took a school trip this past summer. I made sure that she was covered under medical travel insurance before she left U.S. soil.

A good medical travel insurance provider can do more than cover you for accidents and injuries. They can help you find a physician or a hospital and cover ambulance bills. It’s important that the company pay in local currency. It’s the only thing that some local providers take.

Buying insurance for big trips within the borders of the country is a good idea too. We wouldn’t dream of going to Walt Disney World without it. If an illness makes us cancel or leave early we’ll be able to recoup some of our costs. It’s also important to have in place in case of a hurricane or severe weather.

Basically, travel insurance helps keep you prepared for anything. No one wants to need it but it’s always good to have it.

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