Thursday, December 30, 2010

What about a custom maillbox plaque as a wedding gift

Are you stuck trying to figure out what wedding gift to get for that special couple? I have friends that are getting married soon and am having trouble finding something. Shopping for someone else can be difficult! Yes, gift registries help. There are still times when most of the times are already purchased or are out of my price range.

I found a site online that sounds interesting. How about a custom mailbox plaque for the happy couple? Custom engraving can ensure that I’ve chosen a unique that will hopefully last for a lifetime.

Other items on the possibility list for the couple included engraved platters and etched glass items. The idea of have their initials or name emblazoned on a custom item seems to make it more personal.

Although, I have to tell you that I still keep coming back to the custom mailbox plaque idea. It would definitely make for an unusual gift. Also on the plus side is that it’s practical so it’s something that they would use but unique at the same time.

This particular couple already owns their own home. I’ll have to choose whether to have their name on the custom mailbox plaque or just their house number. There are lots of options when you start talking about customized pieces.

Nothing is out of the running. Please leave any suggestions that you might have in the comments field below. I can use them. Thanks.

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