Monday, January 31, 2011

Have you been to Victor Ashe Park in Knoxville

Have you been to Victor Ashe Park in Knoxville? This has to be some of the best greenways that I've seen. The parks has a playground for kids and a playground for dogs. There are two large pavilions. Bathroom facilities, two trails, field and space for disc golf.

If the city missed anything when designing Victor Ashe Park in Knoxville, I don't know what it could be. It seems that the designers thought of everything. Electrical outlets in the pavilions allow you to charge electronic devices while you enjoy the shade. There are water fountains available. 

The paved trail is .67 miles in length. A sign says that two treks around it equals two miles. It wide path along the gently rolling hills makes it an easy walk. Parents with strollers should have no problems. Park benches are spaced along the trail which helps make it all the more inviting.

A pond is aerated by two large fountains. You can't miss them. They are a beautiful addition to the Victor Ashe Park in Knoxville.

Dogwood Park is a central attraction for pet lovers. It's one of the cool off-leash parks in Knoxville. It is across the parking lot from the playground and is secured by a chain link fence. Dogs can romp and play with each other all day. There are lots of hurdles to jump, ramps to climb and large plastic tunnels for curious noses.

Parking at the Victor Ashe Park in Knoxville is plentiful. The park can be packed on weekends. The first few times that you introduce your dog to Dogwood Park a weekday may be best. Pet owners are always responsible for their pets both inside and outside the park. Leashes are required outside of the park fence.

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