Sunday, January 16, 2011

My horse crazy daughter's favorite tack shops

Most of you know how crazy my daughter is about horses. It’s been this way since she was a little kid. Horses and girls seem to be magnets for each other. We put her in horseback riding lessons and apparently her joy in equines has stuck. Now, she in college pursuing a major in pre-veterinary medicine. Go figure.

Sam and Big Red
It turns out that bone health is especially important for these animals. Apparently, if a horse breaks a leg bone it can spell disaster for the health of the horse. If it’s a racing breed a broken bone can, at the very least, put an abrupt halt to an otherwise flourishing career. I guess that’s why some people turn to an equine joint supplement for help.

Recently a friend of mine and I were talking about tack shops. We used to get riding helmets and other needed items at the Equi Knox Equestrian Shop in West Knoxville. This is going back a few years though.

We’ve also picked up a few things here and there at farm co-ops. The folks at the Knox Farmers Cooperative on Asheville Hwy. has always been helpful and friendly. We’ve also had good luck at the Jefferson Farmers Co-Op in Dandridge. I don’t know if they have an equine joint supplement but they have lots of other medicines and items for horses and other large animals too.

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