Monday, January 24, 2011

Review of the Cheddars in Knoxville

I'm not sure how long Cheddars in Knoxville on Clinton Hwy. has been open. Hubby and I had errands in Knoxville today. We stopped in at about 1:00 p.m. My stars! Was it ever busy at Cheddars. Even this late after church the place was packed. Hubby was handed a pager and told that it would be 45-55 minutes for a table.

Knoxville icons
We ran an errand, came back and still had a 20 minute wait. A couple of benches in front of the hostess stand were full. We stood next to the half wall behind the hostess and waited. When I had the opportunity I asked if the Cheddars in Knoxville on Clinton Highway had call ahead seating or reservations. She said no but they might in the future.

As we were being seated I found out that bar seating is first come, first served. We'll remember that next time.

The decor inside Cheddars of Knoxville reminds me of Aubrey's or Puleo's. There are a few things that set the restaurant decor apart.
A large ceiling fan is striking. It's huge. The tips of blades are reminiscent of leaves. These rotate slowly on the horizontal bar. It's pretty cool.

Our food at the Cheddars of Knoxville was as good as our server was attentive. She took the plates, kept the tea glasses filled and checked back often. That was pretty amazing given how busy the place was.

Since we waited to long to be seated Hubby and I ordered an appetizer of cheese fries when we ordered the iced teas. When it arrived, the plate was piled high and the fries were hot and cheese was well melted.Yum!

We finally decided what to order from the Cheddars in Knoxville about the time that the fries arrived. The server made suggestions. These all sounded good but I decided to stick with the double decker club sandwich and cole slaw. It's not exciting but it was tasty.

Cheddars in Knoxville had a menu item that hubby loves. Shepherd's Pie is one of his favorite dishes. He was tickled to see it on the menu. The plate was full. A large scoop of mashed potatoes was served on top of the meat mixture. This was covered in fried onions that weren't mentioned on the menu.

Hubby happily reported that the chunks of meat were tasty and that the meal was served hot. My onion allergy prevented me from trying it we'll have to take his word for it. It was a little different than some Shepherd's Pie recipes but looked good.

Another thing that tickled him about the Cheddars in Knoxville was the price. The tab came to $26.00 and change. This was for the appetizer, entrĂ©es, drinks and tax. How cool is that?


  1. I haven't heard of a Cheddars in Minnesota, so have never tried their foods. It was great that you got hot, tasty food and good service in such a busy place, and at a good price to boot. That's probably why the place was so busy that day! rcj

  2. You can pick from the different meals served at the place. Their cheese fries tastes great for an appetizer.

  3. @WalkingSticks,
    I agree! We've been back several now because the price, food and service was good. It's an unbeatable combination.