Thursday, February 17, 2011

Donate a car to help a kid

We’ve all seen the advertisements of charitable organizations that ask for help so they can help others. I can’t stand to see little kids mired in adult problems. Seeing their faces or photos gets to me almost every single time.

I’ve seen advertising about how to donate a car for kids and decided to check it out. This may be something that I would consider doing. Here’s what I found out.

P.T. Cruiser
Photo by Gayle Crabtree
Cars that are donated to charitable organizations may be tax-deductible. This is like clothing and other in-kind gifts. The owner can set the value of the car donation for up to $500.00.

Most of the cars that are donated to charitable organizations are sold and the money used to help the charity. If you donate a car you may want to check with the nonprofit later. If the car sells for more than $500 the donor can deduct the higher amount. You will need a letter from the organization about the sale.

When looking at how to donate your car I found out that the process is pretty easy. All you need is your title, a lien release (if a lien was ever registered on the car) and keys.

Then, you just call the charity and ask them to pick it up. Alternately, you can call the nonprofit ahead of time to make arrangements to bring the car over. In either case, you will need your title, release and keys to make the donation.

Who knew that helping a child is as easy as car keys and a phone call? 

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