Thursday, February 10, 2011

How to choose a messenger bag

Every generation goes through its own fashion phenomenon when it comes to clothing and bags. A good messenger bag or backpack is an essential travel accessory. Almost everyone from high school or college age students to professionals are carrying them. The messenger bags that are popular now combine practicality with style.

Personal belongings get jostled around on any bus or road trip. You want a something that will hold up to heavy duty use. I like a heavy duty messenger bag for traveling. In general, they feel more secure from pickpockets but still give me easy access to the inside of the bag.

Double stitching are more durable than only one seam. Check the bag over for loose pieces of fabric that don’t fit well. Feel around the inside to be sure that the liner is sewn in well. Some bags have an outside pocket for bottled water. This keeps your travel brochures dry in case the bottle leaks.

Wide straps make it more comfortable to carry the bag. A padded shoulder strap is always a bonus. Straps should be securely sewn into the bag. Give each a gentle tug to check. The last thing you want is for your shoulder strap to break while you're sightseeing.

Every bag gets heavy when full. Toss in trip souvenirs and the weight adds up fast. A medium weight bag serves most is good for heavier items like computers and cameras but lightweight enough for everyday items.

Speaking of computers... The interior pocked should be durable enough to protect your computer during travel. If not, then you need to choose something else. If everything else about the bag speaks to you, then you can try getting a second case for your computer that's thin enough to fit into your messenger bag. 

All that's left is packing your bag and you're set for the next travel adventure.

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