Sunday, February 27, 2011

Our look at the Chattanooga Wedding Chapel

Planning my daughter's wedding is going to be fun! With help from her future mother-in-law we've identified several possible venues. The search is a little overwhelming. Chattanooga could almost be "Wedding Central" when it comes to nice places to get married. 

The other weekend we toured several hot spots for our cool wedding. Our first destination was the Wedding Chapel of Chattanooga. This is right off of Bonny Oaks Drive near Highway 153. It's got a lot to offer. 

First, the chapel itself has some background. At the turn of the century and just before it the site was a school for underprivileged kids. The current chapel was added in 1939 and served as the school worship center. Today, Chattanooga Church calls it home to Sunday worship services. Throughout the rest of the week the building serves as Wedding Chapel of Chattanooga.

I was impressed by all the packages that they offer. You can get a package that covers everything except food for 150 people. Or, you can choose to have a small candlelight affair with only a few of your closest friends. They will also be glad to put together a customized package.

Wedding Chapel of Chattanooga.
Wedding Chapel of Chattanooga
Wedding Chapel of Chattanooga

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