Monday, February 14, 2011

Pet clothing for dogs can be fun and practical

We've talked about how Knoxville may be the pet-friendliest city in the country. One thing that we haven't talked about is how much fun it can be to dress up our pets.

Clothing and accessories for dogs may bring a smile to our faces but the pet clothing and accessory industry is no laughing matter.  According to the National Pet Owners Survey 62% of homes in the United States own pets. Of those homes almost half own dogs.

They say that a dog is the best friend that a man or woman can have. Our pampered pooches give us unconditional love and are always happy to see us. It’s only natural that we would want to give some of that love and care back that we receive.

Tomlin is in his favorite harness
Buying dog clothes can be a fun way show that we care. Despite the recession the industry is growing by leaps and bounds.  Canine clothing is hot right now. Unlike children, pets never complain and often seem to relish the extra attention no matter what we have them wear.

We can dress our dogs to match our clothing or mood or to match the weather. Clothing can include frilly little dresses for small dogs or cute t-shirts for bigger dogs. A simple handkerchief tied around a dog’s neck is a fun quirky way to match the shirt color that you are wearing.

Dog clothing has a practical side too. Like humans, jackets, coats and shoes can protect our furry friends from all kinds of small dangers. Coats keep dogs warm in cold weather and shoes are sometimes needed to protect paws from cold or hot pavement, rough stones or debris on city streets.

Choosing the right dog accessory can be just as much fun as choosing the right clothing. Leashes, harnesses and carriers are just as popular as clothes are right now. Dog carriers are a good way to keep our tiny dogs with us.

There are a couple of thing to keep in mind when choosing clothing or accessories. It’s important to select items that will hold up to wear and tear. Seams should be secure and items shouldn’t have anything that could easily be torn off and swallowed. Choosing high quality clothing and accessories is the best way to keep our best friends happy for years to come.

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