Tuesday, March 29, 2011

An extended stay hotel offers value and convenience

During summer vacation, some families want the value and convenience offered by an extended stay hotel. These hotels feature larger rooms and amenities that families can use.  That’s why more families are choosing them over traditional accommodations.

When you want to delve into a city like Knoxville, a few nights in one place may not cut it. This type of lodging usually offer amenities, like kitchens, that you won't find anywhere else.

Depending on the brand you choose, an extended stay hotel may not have some of the amenities that are offered elsewhere. Budget extended lodging such as Inn Town Suites, will not have a swimming pool, continental breakfast or WI-FI. Room sheets may be changed on a limited basis and desk clerks may only be available during daylight hours.

This doesn't mean you should expect an uncomfortable stay. On the contrary, many families who choose this type of loding do so because the no-frills approach appeals to them. This type of extended stay hotel is similar to a tiny efficiency apartment. It will usually offer an equipped kitchen and living room area. Some will offer a separate bedroom off to the side of the living area.

Rooms at an extended stay hotel are usually quite a bit larger than an average standard room. Typically, guests have more room to walk around and more room to get work done.

A more upscale extended stay hotel can provide more of the amenities that families are used to having. Mainstay Suites is one of my favorites. If my daughter chooses to be married in Chattanooga you can bet we’ll try to stay at this hotel. It’s always my first choice in this town.

Like other brands in its class, Mainstay Suites will often have a continental breakfast, swimming pool, high speed internet and daily room service.

Room layouts will vary among brands and locations. Most often, an extended stay hotel will have suites that are similar to the one described above. Always check the website or call before arriving.

An extended stay hotel can be a more comfortable option for families who are traveling. Business travelers may also enjoy the convenience. 

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